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Quino homepage

Last update: 28 August 1986

I added a book title and replaced all the images with links. Various people, including myself, were unable to view the page as it was without blowing their machines up.

Feb 2000: I've been told Quino has his own web site, which makes mine entirely redundant. However, I'll leave mine here anyway since I gather there are various links to it from pages on cartoons. Perhaps leaving my page here will help a few people find the real one!

Quino is a cartoonist in Argentina who does truly excellent, and usually language-free, cartoons.

His character Mafalda seems to be the best-known thing he has done, but I like almost everything else he has done better.

Actually, all my Quino books are in Italian and the non-Mafalda stuff, at least, is published by Bompiani Editore and can be found in any decent bookshop in Italy. (Feltrinelli or Rizzoli, for instance).

Here are some pictures from Si... Cariño







And here are some from a book about medicine:




I'll put in some other examples from his other books later. Maybe.

I have:

I don't know if these books were ever published in Spanish. Some or all may be collections invented in Italy.

I am told his work is currently published in the Spanish newspaper "El Pais". This should be fairly easy to find in any reasonably large town.

A reader has sent me:

Mi pais

If you want to send me Quino images for inclusion, please scan them at something sensible for screen output. 72 or 75 dpi seems to be about right.

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