Adam Atkinson's Home Page

Clicca qui per la versione italiana di questa pagina. Le due pagine hanno contenuti abbastanza diversi.

Please be warned that I produced most of this stuff in mid 1995 when learning HTML and have not, since, been bothered to keep it up to date, check for broken links, or indeed to remove the naff/pointless stuff.


  1. Me
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  6. Amiga stuff
  7. Italy and Italian
  8. Wombats (Beware! Huge jpegs!)
Contentful pages hidden amongst the morass in this directory are (i) the Quino page (about an Argentinian cartoonist), (ii) the Il Giornalino di Gian Burrasca page, a translation in progress of my favourite Italian children's book. (I am led to understand that no English translation has yet been made, which is why I'm bothering.) It's a bit like a 1907 Tuscan version of Calvin and Hobbes and (iii) the Romanaccio for Beginners page, likely to be of limited appeal unless you are a foreigner living in Rome or the surrounding area. (iv) Also, the Amiga page has become somewhat more contentful than it used to be.